Amazon Rainforest Startup Hub

Connecting innovative business models that protect and restore forests with resources for expanding operations to the Amazon region

Does your start up have a solution for creating a positive impact for Amazonian forests and people?

The Amazon rainforest has the potential to be the world’s largest forest-positive
and carbon-rich economy. It provides a laboratory for impact-business innovation. Get connected to a global network of companies, investors, industries and partners to potentiate the impact of your business in the region.

What do you get?




Integration of your company  into a global network of Amazon-facing investors, accelerators, incubators, companies, and allies, increasing your visibility and connections with Amazon-focused leaders across the planet.

Market Connection


Exposure to Amazon producers and global companies that cultivate and purchase regenerative forest-friendly products from the Amazon. 

Mentoring and regional connection

Knowledge sharing and introductions with regional businesses and experts to help you navigate the complexities of doing business in the Amazon.

Pitch Opportunities


Participation for selected startups in our annual pitch sessions for regional Latin American and global investors.

Business Activation


Candidacy for Incubator and Accelerator startup activation programs to support your business development.

Catalytic Philanthropy


Information about philanthropic support to leverage the development and impact of your company.

Access to international capital

The Amazon Investor Coalition is working to expand the allocation of international capital to Amazon-operating businesses that contribute to the protection and restoration of Amazon forests. Our goals are to mobilize:

# US$10 million of philanthropic investment
# US$30 million of private investment
#US$5 million of corporate purchase agreements for sustainably sourced forest products.
In partnership with CERTI, we are working to support and strengthen the Amazon and its economic potential as the world’s largest forest positive bioeconomy and a global leader in decarbonization.

Who can participate

We seek businesses whose innovations and technologies can be applied to generate value for standing forests and to regenerate land systems.

Businesses currently operating in the Amazon region (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela)

Businesses operating in Europe or the United States that seek to expand to the Amazon and present solutions for incentivizing the restoration and protection of forests and the valuation of biodiversity.

Who we are

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The Amazon Investor Coalition, a collaborative program of Earth Innovation Institute, has joined CERTI in a strategic multilateral partnership. CERTI is a non-profit organization based in Brazil, with 37 years of experience fostering and developing innovation ecosystems in Brazil. The initiative has the support of the British government through Partnerships for Forests (P4F), and NEXUS, a global network of next generation impact investors, philanthropists and allies.


Developing a forest-positive Amazon bioeconomy is the highest-leverage climate stabilization investment opportunity in the world at this time. The most viable path to outcompete the deforestation economy is to increase the economic competitiveness of
forests with community wellbeing at the center. Together we can make the rainforest worth more standing and alive than cut and burned.


The initiative is not a one-off program, but a global network that connects startups, investors, and  industries to scale regenerative  economies in the region that can outcompete the deforestation economy.

Bioeconomy startups that are currently operating in the Amazon or those outside of the region that wish to expand to the region, and which represent solutions for protecting, restoring, and valuing forests and biodiversity assets.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to be part of this global connection network and are officially part of our program. Our team will carefully evaluate each of the entries and will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.


Institutional partners

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